Wireless connection issue in Mac OS X Mavericks – fix

Wireless connection in Mac OS X can sometime screw up. This article helps fixing wireless connection issue in OS X Mavericks.

The issue might appear just after OS X update or sometime, it can just occur after waking up a Mac from sleep. The symptoms include – connections getting randomly disconnected, unable to connect to known SSID’s, slow connection speed etc.

The issue can be fixed simply by following the following steps. Just make sure you have the Wi-Fi password for your primary network as you will need it to rejoin the wireless network.

Turn off your Wi-Fi (Pull down Wi-Fi menu and click Turn Wi-Fi Off)
Head over to /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ in Finder.
Locate and delete the following files from the SystemConfiguration folder:
- com.apple.airport.preferences.plist
- NetworkInterfaces.plist
- preferences.plist
You might want to keep a backup of these files just in case something 
goes wrong.
Empty the Trash and reboot the Mac
Turn your Wi-Fi back on from the Wi-Fi pull down menu and connect to your 
preferred network as usual.

After this process, OS X creates all new preference file for wireless networking and this helps in fixing the Wi-Fi issues unless there is a deeper problem related to hardware (Wireless card, Router etc.)