Broken/incomplete Ubuntu upgrades – Fix

If you encounter power outage or any other issue which causes your computer to power down abruptly while upgrading Ubuntu from one version to newer, you are more likely to get a broken ubuntu upgrade. This can be fixed if you are able to get to a terminal in the broken system.

On terminal,

sudo dpkg --configure -a

installs and configures any remaning upgrade packages


sudo apt-get upgrade --fix-broken

I encountered this issue while trying to upgrade from Ubuntu 13.10 to 14.04. This method fixed my ubuntu upgrade and saved me from a clean install. I hope this works out for others as well.


Break-UP Letter To Windows 7

I wrote this piece of note on 28th November 2009. Just remembering how things were on those days, I could not resist myself from posting it in here.

My dear Windows 7, I am extremely very sorry to tell u that I am in the verge of breaking up with you !! I have tried hard not to do this but can’t help it out now. I have been with you since the very beginning. Did you forget the beta phase you spent with me?? I downloaded you completely as a release client and currently installed your final version too. I was with you in every step of your life. But what did you give me in return?? — Incompatibility??, The Blue Screen of Death??, Vulnerability to viruses??, low security?? Did I deserve these things?? How could you forget those nights we spent together just looking at each other without sleeping??…u on my monitor and me in front of you …. i still remember those moments…. I admit that you are very beautiful… but beauty is not the only thing, is it?? You might be laughing right now thinking – ”How far would you go, at last you have to come to me”.. but you are wrong this time, babe!!! I got a more secure, robust, fast and good operating system than you. Its called ‘Ubuntu’ !! I shouldn’t have told you this but for everything bad you have done to me, its important to inform you. It is not as beautiful as you but more decent and COMPIZ is there to show its natural beauty. Don’t think I’ll get in trouble for not getting to use the softwares made for windows, there is WINE for everything!!!

So at last with humble apologies, I hereby declare that you and me are no more related to each other. But i still wish you a good life ahead. I know its hard for you and me too. But, Please try to forget me and I’ll try to forget you !!!