Rooting Samsung Galaxy Y

Samsung Galaxy YSamsung Galaxy Y, a hype these days for being cheap but fully featured Galaxy series Android phone. Equipped with 823 MHz processor and 290 MB RAM, this low end device is good for go with Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread OS. Rooting Samsung Galaxy Y is not a big deal and the tutorials can be found here and there pretty easily but I happened to encounter with a problem while rooting the device. Detail rooting procedure explained here:


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  • Download from XDA-Developers
  • Copy the downloaded to the root of SD Card (Just in the first place in the SD card not inside any folder)
  • Switch off the phone
  • Enter into recovery mode
    • To start the phone in recovery mode, [su_highlight]Hold the POWER, VOLUME UP, and HOME button[/su_highlight] simultaneously
  • Navigate to [su_highlight]Apply Update From SDCard [/su_highlight]in the recovery menu using volume slider and press the HOME button (Select the option)
  • Select from the files and folders listing of the SDCard.
    • This is where I got the error. After step 5, a listing of files and folders of the SDCard should occur but in my case, it threw an error saying SDCard Cannot be Mounted.

    [su_label type=”info”]The solution is to Format the SDCard. Format the SDCard first and then continue from step 2.[/su_label]

  • The update should be applied now.
  • Navigate to [su_highlight]reboot system now[/su_highlight] option in the recovery menu and press the HOME button.
  • Samsung Galaxy Y is rooted. SuperUser app can be found in the phone after rooting it.


Rooting an android phone can void its warranty so do it on your own risk

well, we can always unroot to get the warranty back 😉