Workaround : NTC ADSL – Browsing Issues

I belong to the herd of people who are frustrated by NTC ADSL service these days. On one hand, it is hard to get connected to ADSL server itself and on the other hand, inspite of getting connected, it is impossible to browse anything. Nepal Telecom Corporation, following its tradition of low quality service on almost every of its services, has failed to provide reliable internet connection via ADSL. The problem of getting connected but not being able to browse anything seems to originate due to some issues in NTC’s DNS Server.

Here is a small fix that seems to work to fix the problem where we are not able to browse anything despite of being connected to ADSL server:

Using Google Public DNS on local computer

I was able to overcome the problem by changing DNS servers to Gooble Public DNS in my computer. Google Public DNS is a free, global Domain Name System resolution service, that can be used as an alternative to our current DNS provider. I was able to browse normally after configuring my network settings to use the IP addresses and as DNS servers. ( and are Google’s Public DNS Servers.)

This quick fix solved my problem and let me browse sites without error. I hope NTC would fix the issues with ADSL in near future but atleast till the issues persist, this workaround can be a life saver.

Google’s public DNS seem to fail too these days. Using OpenDNS can solve the problem as well. OpenDNS servers are : and

Update (27-02-14)
NTC is using as its Secondary DNS on connecting ADSL. This should do the trick and solve connection problems to a level.