Hide-UnHide for Mac OS X

Application to make hidden files and folders visible in Mac OS X

Hide-UnHide makes viewing hidden files and folders easier in a Mac. Install the application, Add the application link to Finder toolbar and on single click, you can view hidden files and folders. Another click on same button makes hidden files and folders invisible again. The application is created using Mac Automator.

Download the application from: Hide-Unhide


Viewing hidden files on a Mac is useful for accessing hidden system directories and Hidden files and folders (files and folders whose name starts with a ‘.’) Files and folders that are hidden on windows (on a portable drive) are also by default invisible in a Mac. Hide-UnHide is a Mac-automator application which runs the following script:

status=`defaults read com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles`

if [ $status == true ];
 defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles false
 defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles true

killall Finder

This toggles the visibility of hidden files and folders in Finder.

Download the application installer (dmg), install the application in your Mac by dragging the application to your Application folder. For easy access, The link to the application can be created in Finder toolbar so that toggling the visibility of hidden files and folders can be done in single click of the button. For adding the application shortcuts to Finder toolbar in OS X Mavericks, you need to first hold down Option+Command and then start dragging the application icon to the toolbar. In older version of OS X, you can simply drag the application icon up to the Finder toolbar and hold it there for a second to add it.


Hide-UnHide can be helpful for viewing files and folders hidden in Windows in an external drive or for recovering Music from an iDevice (iPod, iPhone, iPad) or simply for making hidden files visible in a Mac, easily.

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